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Computer Courses after 12th commerce (Various Career options in India)

Commerce is a popular stream for students in India. After studying Commerce in Class 12th allows candidates to choose from a multitude of courses at graduation level, and it opens many career choices. One of the major benefits that Commerce students have over Arts students is that they are eligible for both Commerce and Arts courses. Selection of courses after 12th for Commerce students, be it academic or vocational, at the time of college admissions is crucial. It must be an informed decision taken after having complete understanding of the course one is opting for.

Another important thing to note is that for Commerce students, while Accounting, Business Laws and Economics are core subjects, Mathematics is optional subject. Thus, Commerce stream can be categorized into two groups:

  1. Commerce with Math and
  2. Commerce without Math.

However, courses after 12th for both these categories are almost same   Those Students who opt  for Commerce without Maths  just have to put in extra. Sometime there is a confusion to student’s mind – Which course to select after Class 12 Commerce? While students are advised to select the course depending on individual aptitude and interest, IPA offers various options to   students who have completed Class 12th in Commerce.  

Jobs and Career Opportunities after 12th Commerce

There are numerous career opportunities for candidates who choose Commerce after class 12th. Most of the jobs are in accounting, finance, taxation and payroll domains.

Professional Diploma Courses after 12th commerce in Delhi by IPA

Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce – Significance

Many parents and students are worried what to do after passing 12th?. There are many courses available to commerce students, which are both short term and long term. There are many Diploma courses which can be done along-with graduation. IPA offers diploma course after 12th commerce  which gives you qualifications and expertise in the field of Accounts, Finance & Taxation. 1 year diploma course help in improving knowledge in the field.  IPA offers various professional course after 12th which offers industrial training by experienced CA faculties.   Student after passing 12th from commerce or non-commerce stream with or without math can join these courses  .

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Importance of IPA Career Courses after 12h

Since it is crucial time after 12th examination is over to decide upon  what to do ? . Some time students opt for professional courses in commerce for bright career and immediate employment opportunities. Professional courses in commerce can contribute a significant value addition and increase chances of getting a satisfying and respectable job. And also prospects to improve your communication skill, confidence and personality development. IPA offers courses based on studies conducted by industry experienced faculties, These Courses are meant for those seeking immediate employment.IPA courses provides 100 % job placement.

Diploma Courses after 12th - Duration

IPA diploma courses can be completed in 12 months (1 One Year) , 15 Months and 18 Months duration, these certified diploma courses covers various subjects like industrial accounting, taxation and banking which are taught by industry experienced Chartered Accountants.

IPA Diploma gives various career options after 12th

IPA courses  will help to improve the knowledge and specialization in the particular field. IPA courses are Best courses after 12th commerce. The greatest advantage of learning a career course over other course is the higher chance of getting a job. These courses are practical industrial training and different from normal college education. After successful completion of these diploma, IPA offers 100 % placement to its students with various national and and multinational companies.

Best Career options after 12th for commerce Students

Main focus of such courses are to enhance the employability skills. IPA is offering short term and long term courses that make you a skilled employee just by undergoing few hours of training. Each and every student is placed immediately after completion of diploma course. IPA has placed all the students successfully with various medium as well as large enterprises and multinational companies in India and abroad.

IPA courses are industry oriented and are in great demand across various industries. one year course  is the flagship program offered by IPA which focus on professional training. Since faculties are industry experienced CA, MBA, LLb, hence focus is always given on sharing the industrial aspects of the subject.

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