10 GST judgments can offer clarity

  1. High Court dismisses petition on bringing petrol and diesel under GST
  2. Transfer of business as ‘Going Concern’ is exempt from GST
  3. Canteen services provided to employees is taxable under GST
  4. Supply of food, beverages in trains to be taxed individually:
  5. Builder penalised for not passing on the benefit of ITC to buyers
  6. No tax on goods procured from one country and directly supplied to another
  7. No credit of Krishi Kalyan Cess allowed under GST
  8. GST on services by corporate office employees for other units
  9. GST paid under wrong head can be adjusted under another: High Court
  10. GST registration limit for property co-owners to be checked individually

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Professional Courses for Commerce Students

Professional Courses

In India Professional courses are becoming very popular alternative to academics – professional training gives a great advantage.  You are better equipped to assess your own skills if you undergo professional training, not to mention better prepared if you are actually talented in the field.

Importance of Professional Courses in India

A professional training     gives you the confidence at the workplace and assists you in fruitful interaction with the employer, colleagues and the work force in general.

Professional Course also increases the thinking horizon by helping one arrange different kinds of activities at the workplace for all the employees.

There is another section of a workplace that can be targeted, i.e. behavioral problems. It helps one resolve issues and problems with colleagues and other employees.

Professional courses are   valuable communication with stakeholders, clients, colleagues is one of the most important aspects that he/she learns on the job. ...  [Read More...]

Benefits of Learning Practical Accounts and Taxation for Commerce Students

Benefits of Learning Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and taxation are important skills for an accountant to become successful in his career. Since accounting is back bone of every industry, hence an efficient accountant staff can be an important asset to the business organization.

At the time of initial recording till finalization of accounts, tax implication are involved at every step. For Example when an organization raises an invoice, taxes like VAT, GST or service tax has to be levied upon. If the accountant is not aware of laws, then it will be difficult for him to calculate and file the quarterly and yearly tax returns.

Role of Taxation in India

In India tax plays an important role for the economy and for the organization as a whole. Proper income tax planning can be helpful for the company. Matters like Advance Tax, TDS Tax deducted at source has to be properly calculated and to be deposited on time.

For example Advance income tax has to be deposited on 15th June, 15th September, 15th December, and 15th march every year on estimated basis.
TDS has be deducted and deposited every month in the first 7 days of the month. There are different type of expense which attracts TDS and many are exempt. ...  [Read More...]

Career Options for Students in field of Commerce

Today’s scenario of the economic world is changing and dynamic, and it is better to opt for commerce as a career option. Some people opine negatively about this stream, but all they say is an absolute myth.

Various Career  options / Future of commerce students

Again it is a myth that commerce is a stream where career options are very less; in fact, commerce is the only stream which is more demanding subject in Multi National Companies or other big firms.

Career options for  12th pass undergraduate

Students After Passing class 12th in commerce there are ‘N’ numbers of career options for the students to become a successful person in life like:-  Bachelors in Commerce (B.COM), Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA),     financial sector, Accounts dept., Stock broking, Insurance companies and several other options for jobs. So these are some of the career options after class 12th Commerce that a student can pursue.

Career options in Computer Accounting

Further, in this modern era, Computers and Technology have come to rule our day to day life, so the Bachelors in computer application is another good option for the students. Along with graduation, one can join practical job E Accounting Courses  offered institutes. IPA practical courses   are   better options for the students from commerce field. ...  [Read More...]

Accounting – Social Responsibility

Accounting  and its  Responsibility towards Society

Accounting is directly related to collecting and analyzing numbers and communicating information for use of economic purpose. To understand its role in society we need to understand this concept in broader perspective.

A society is made of groups, individuals of different social and economic organization, these different organization need to communicate. Accounting information serves many important purpose.

For example how to make informed and correct decisions, in relation to allocation of scarce resources.

Hence accounting can be seen as an important influential factor in the society. Which effects everyone irrespective of small or big. Measurement of profits helps to justify taxes, jobs and prices.

Unlike other areas   accounting profession creates a body and structure of theoretical knowledge to make decisions, certain rules and principles help in underpinning its practice and functions. ...  [Read More...]