Corporate Training meaning

The platform is itself so intrigue. It develops a sense of curiosity when you see it written on your workplace or hear it in a discussion. Thousands of thoughts might…

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What is E-way Bill

What is E-way Bill ? E-way bill or Electronic-way bill is a document introduced under the GST regime that needs to be generated before transporting or shipping goods worth more…

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GST State Code List of India

GST State Code List of India While migrating to a GST registration or while going for a new registration, most businesses would have received the 15 digit provisional ID or…

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4 Things to know e filing ITR in year 2020
income tax

4 Things to know e filing ITR in year 2020

The government extended the deadline for filing the income-tax returns for the financial year 2019-20 from March 31 to June 30. The financial year ends with March 31 and taxpayers…

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Computerized accounting system meaning
computerized accounting

Computerized accounting system meaning

Advantages of computerized system over manual system The term, computerize means to convert a manual function or system into a computer system i.e. to enter data into such a system.The term, accounting…

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Accountant salary in India
accountant salary in India

Accountant salary in India

Accountant Salary in India Before answering the very common question asked by many what is Accountant Salary in India One should understand the job profile of an accountant. An Accountant perform…

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