Functions of Commercial Bank in India

  There are various functions of commercial banks, some of them are given below. Commercial banks render various utility services to their customers, which are as follows: Accepting deposits is one of the major activities of the Banks. Banks are also called custodians of Public money. The money is accepted as deposit for safekeeping. However, since the Banks use this … Continue reading "Functions of Commercial Bank in India"

Chartered Accountant- Course

The article will be dealing with some of the common questionnaire in the minds of youngsters related to chartered accountancy. After going through the same, you will be able to make certain decisions and find it productive. How to Become a Certified Chartered Accountant (CA) You might be wondering what you mean by “qualified or certified chartered Accountant”. Anybody can’t … Continue reading "Chartered Accountant- Course"

What is Banking ?

What do you mean by banking? A bank is an institution, which deals in money and credit. It collects deposits from the public and supplies credit.  It is a body of persons (whether incorporated or not) who carry on the business of banking. The major participants of the Indian financial system are as below: Commercial banks, the Financial Institutions (FI) … Continue reading "What is Banking ?"