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GST Certification Course & GST trainnig classes Conducted at IPA (Govt Regd.) Institute in Delhi

What is GST

GST (Goods and Service Tax) introduced by Govt of India in July 2017 is a simplified In Direct Tax. It is levied at every stage of production process, but is refunded to the parties or people involved in it at different stages and final burden comes on final consumer. There are various slabs of like 5%, 12% 18% 28 % and which keeps changes from time to time on various goods and services. This tax was introduced on 1st July 2017 in India , with an intention to remove cascading effect of various taxes levied by Central and State Governments. Tax rates are governed by GST Council. Now this is one indirect tax for the entire country.

Features of GST

  • Multi Stage: Multiple change of items goes through different hands of supply chain.
  • Destination Based If Goods are manufactured in UP and sold in Bihar then Tax is levied at the point of consumption and revenue goes to Bihar
  • Value Addition Tax will be levied at money (or monetary worth added at each stage of sale (From manufacturing to Retail sales).
  • Advantage of GST It will remove cascading effect, all process are technology based, from Registration to Return filing all are throug oline process.
  • CGST, SGST and IGST are three main components.

Benefits of GST Course:-

IPA offers comprehensive practical GST course for Accountants, Freshers and Businessmen to learn this new taxation system.

GST Classes at IPA on Daily and Weekend:-

GST classes are conducted on weekends by CA Professionals by giving various practical examples and how to do various process related to Registration, and online returns.

GST Workshop in Delhi at IPA:-

Workshops and various other programs are conducted by expert professionals at various intervals.

At IPA Institue in Delhi students can learn various practical aspects during GST trainig in detail by experienced CA who will explain each and every aspects in deatil. So that future accountants or freshers can learn those techniquies during the programs and workshops to enhance their skills and look for a bright future.

Goods & Service Tax (GST) Course

IPA has specialized  GST training courses available to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage your tax obligation-and minimize tax liability. GST tax courses are flexible, require no advance preparation and have a practical mindset, making them ideal for busy tax professionals and freshers as well. GST course offered by IPA mainly focus on the practical aspects of GST tax related matters main focus on the topics are given below:- GST Registration, Concept of Negative List, Concept of Declared List, Impact of Bundled Services, Exemption to Small Service Provider, E-Payment of GST Tax, E-Filing of Returns. Read More.

GST Return Filing

During GST Course Students learn, how To Revise Your Return, Penalties, Fees for Late Filing of Return, Communicating with the Department. Industry expert and qualified faculty share their expereince during the GST coaching, topics like E filining of GST Return. During the trainig software learning is also covered. Which helps the students to understand the basic prinicipal and how to perform the similar task in real time situation at office. There are some complex concepts in GST on which most of the people do not have proper clarity such as Reverse Charge Mechanism. Where does it applies, how to calculate tax under Reverse Charge etc. We help the students to understand all these concepts in depth so that they can grab a understanding on all these concepts & apply them accordingly. Following courses/trainings/workshops are being provided:

    1. Certification course under GST.
    2. GST Practitioner course.
    3. GST workshops.
    4. GST training course

Students & professionals also have the option to undergo GST practitioner course (if they have completed their graduation/post graduation). Once you take up this course, you will have all the knowledge of what a GST professional must have. There by you have the option to register yourself as GST practitioner on the GST portal and provide GST advisory and compliance services to clients & business houses.

Various Workshops are also being conducted to make the trainees familiar with the practices being adopted in the industry. Its gives exposure to the practical applicability of the law. Its keeps the student updated with the new amendments being daily bought by the GST Coucil and their various challenges, advantages, disadvantages. Thus, GST is currently a hot topic in the industry and a very good career prospect for those who want to make their career in indirect taxation. Thus, students are advised to take up a GST course to become a indirect tax expert.

Who Can Join ?

  • 12th pass students (Commerce & non-commerce).
  • Any graduate (Arts, Commerce & Science).
  • Working persons.
  • Pursuing CA, CPT, CS, .
  • Working Professional.
  • MBA

GST Batch Timing

Course Duration: 20 Hrs (2 Months)

GST Batch Duration

  • Weekend (3 Hours)

GST Syllabus

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