d Tally Accounting Advantages
  •  Tally Accounting Advantages
  •  Tally Accounting Advantages
  •  Tally Accounting Advantages

Tally Accounting Advantage

The Institute of Professional Accountant offers various programs for graduates and undergraduates students on Tally ERP software which can be seen under its courses .

Today we will discuss Tally Accounting Advantage Tally Accounting is an accounting software developed by TIPL banglore based company. TIPL started its journey in 1990 when it had developed a dos based accounting software mainly meant for small organization, slowly slowly the company transformed itself into a fully grown ERP software provider, publicity of Tally software increased manyfold during the last two decades. After the implementation of VAT in India, Tally software came out to rescue to small time traders and manufacturers to offer solution to ever growing demand for VAT implementation and related compliance.

Tally Accounting Advantage:-

Tally ERP software has many advantage which are described below:-

  • 1) Simplicity
  • 2) Easy to install and maintain
  • 3) Less hassles to update and implement
  • 4) Easy to configure and customized
  • 5) Many trained persons available across the country
  • 6) Cheap and cost effective
  • 7) Pirated version equally works well
  • 8) Huge network of dealers
  • 9) Friendly helpline for registered users.

Some of unique feature make this software a well known name and brand in India, these features of the software is given below:-

  • 1) Maintenance of basic Accounting records
  • 2) Maintenance of inventory system
  • 3) Recording for trading as well as manufacturing process
  • 4) Calculation of various taxes,
  • 5) Generating various quarterly taxation returns and reports
  • 6) Various MIS reports at click of mouse
  • 7) Data import and export facility
  • Quarterly E-TDS return can also be filed with the help of tally E-TDS feature
    Tally creates “txt file” which can be copied on a floppy/CD and filed with the tax authorities.