d How to Create Price List in Tally
  •  How to Create Price List in Tally
  •  How to Create Price List in Tally
  •  How to Create Price List in Tally

Learn Features of Tally Accounting Software

Price list in Tally ERP

There are many organisation dealing in multiple products, like ready made suiting shirting’s cloth trader. A list of all items along with price details is maintained for the purpose ready reference commonly known as Price List.

Price Lists are maintained for various styles and for different customers, e.g.: - For wholesalers, Dealers, Retailers, etc.

Price list can be classified based on different dates e.g.: - in winters the woolen suiting are priced higher than summer.

Price list can also be classified based on quantities, e.g.: - quantity discount can also be considered for various types of buyers.

Activate Price list and Define Price levels

F-11 Activate price list function and create price list for different items as per exercise. Enter the sale transaction using the “Price list- 2” to claim 15 % discount.

Important Notes: -


Applicable from > is the date from which the price list becomes applicable.

Quantities > range can be defined.

Rate > rate can be defined based on quantity given.

Discount > discount can be linked in %.


Zero Valued Entries in Tally ERP

F-11 >> “Allow zero valued entries”

In many organisations there is requirement of sending free samples to customers for testing purpose or it can be a replacement to the earlier goods sold.

Sometime we send or receive extra goods under promotional scheme.

We can make the entry with quantity details but the values as zero – because we want to see the effect in our inventory books and not in our accounting books.

Different Actual and Billed Quantities in Tally ERP

F- 11 >> Activate “different actual and billed quantities”

There are several occasion in companies where actual quantity of items delivered is different from the billed quantities e.g.: -

Extra stock of items sent to cover the damaged stocks.

Stocks sent as extra samples.

Imagine a situation where a truck loads 100 Kgs of coal and reaches at it destination with 90 kg coal, the buyer would expect a bill for 90 kg of coal, however the suppliers godown will show an outward movement of 100 kg coal, in such a situation this feature of tally is extremely useful.