d How to Create Purchase order in Tally
  •  How to Create Purchase order in Tally
  •  How to Create Purchase order in Tally
  •  How to Create Purchase order in Tally

How to create purchse order in Tally

Order processing in Tally ERP

Order processing refers to placing orders with suppliers for purchase of goods/items or receiving orders from customers for sale of goods/ items, this can be used while using Tally Software

Purchase Order

We can view the purchase or sales order outstanding also, if stores department has received the goods, then purchase orders pending will be nil.Types of Entries in a Mfg. Organisation: while using Tally software

STAGE 1 Purchase order Sale order

Entries done by
Purchase Department. Order no.
Giving order detail.

STAGE 2 Receipt Note Delivery Note

Entries done by
Stores Department
Giving Challan detail Challan no.


STAGE 3 Purchase Sales

Entries done by
Accounts Department
Giving purchase, sales bill no. Purchase bill no.

Re-order Levels in Tally ERP

Reorder level is quantity of any stock in hand, reaching a level, where we should order more to the suppliers. The company should always keep sufficient stocks to service the customers. On the other hand, if we define the consumption levels and re-order levels, then re-order status can be viewed. We need to keep following constraints in our mind before setting up Re-order levels.

  1. Lead-time for suppliers.
  2. Delivery time given by customer.
  3. Stock in hand to satisfy orders.

Once we have entered the desired parameters in reorder level thereafter, the re-order status can be viewed i.e. whether company should enter another purchase order or it should wait. In Tally, order processing is linked to Inventories. We can track the order position of a stock item - whether goods that were ordered have arrived or not, and how many orders are lying pending.