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Features of Tally

Without account codes

Mostly computerized accounting packages require codes for maintaining the accounts. Tally uses ‘no accounting codes’ concept data throughout the system.

Effective business solution

It provides a comprehensive solution to the accounting needs of any small and medium business organisation, along with its accounting, inventory and taxation accounting like, VAT, E- TDS, Service Tax, FBT, Excise & Payroll. All these features assist the management of the business to take effective management decision.


Tally works on Window, 98, 2000, XP, and NT. It runs on single PC or local area network under multi-user environment.

Title Bar

It displays the system date and time and the license number.


A display screens menu and reports and also accepts the choices and options you select.

Product Info

Software name, version, copyright, web link, copyright information, tally logo etc.

Horizontal Bar

It consists of report management, export, email & upload functions

Current Work

Show current period, current date, active company & selected company.

Tally Menu

Tally gives options to invoke the particular task.

Vertical Button Bar

It is provided for quick and direct access to various options that tally can perform, some buttons may be active (those with dimmed colour).

Tally Calculator/ ODBC Server

Ctrl + N will give you option to use tally calculator and also Open data base connectivity (ODBC) provides Tally data to be linked with various other applications like MS word & MS Excel for various MIS reports. To activate ODBC Server area at the bottom of the Screen, press Ctrl + N or Ctrl + M

Buttons Toolbar

Displays buttons that are useful for operating Tally.

The Tally Clock

While Tally takes time for data processing a small tally clock appears to give an indication for waiting.

Quitting Tally You can exit Tally by pressing Esc screen or Ctrl + Q