Creating Ledgers in

Tally gives you an option to create ledgers one by one in single mode and in fast mode under multi ledger creation.

Altering Ledgers in Tally Accounting software

Ledgers can be altered by selecting Alter for single or multiple ledgers.

Deleting Ledgers in "Tally"

Ledgers can be deleted in alteration mode by pressing Alt + D.

11: Features of Tally software

You are allowed to specify options that are specific to the selected company only. F11: Features are Company-specific.


F 12: Configuration (main configuration function of Tally Software)

In F12: configure – you are allowed to specify options, which will be applicable to all the companies. F12: Configuration options are applicable to all the companies in a data directory.

F12: configuration mainly deals with the following points: -


General configuration, such as, accounting terminology, style of names, dates, comma’s etc. date styles can be configured.

Numeric Symbols

This section mainly deals with information regarding symbols to be used before amounts.

Acccts/ Inv Info

Both accounting and inventory master screen can be configured to YES which will accordingly appear in the masters.

Voucher Entry

Transactions in voucher mode or invoice mode can be configured such as Ledger Balance, Single Entry mode for entry, current balance etc.

Invoice /Order Entry

Invoice and order entries can be configured to enter additional information such as shipping, container, excise details, etc.


Reports and transactions, which are to be printed, can be configured as per demands of user.

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