d How to Create Company in Tally
  •  How to Create Company in Tally
  •  How to Create Company in Tally
  •  How to Create Company in Tally

Learn How to Create Company in Tally

Company Creation

Company data directory

The path of computer where data of Tally is stored generally is
c:\Tally \Data. However, if you want to change it, you can do so by providing the new path.

Company name in Tally Accounting software

Type the name of the company. If you have many companies then each company should be given a unique name.

Company mailing name

Mailing name is generally the same as company name, however this can be changed as per your requirement.

Country name in Tally Accounting Software

Tally is used outside India as well.


Generally used to generate the appropriate VAT returns.


Provide email address to be used to email reports from Tally.

Currency symbol

Symbol to use for monetary values. Automatically for Indian companies, Tally uses Rs.

Maintain accounts only or accounts with inventory?

Please mention whether the company wants to use the inventory functions of Tally or Accounts only function also.

Financial year starting date

Financial year is the period, which starts from 1st April of every year.

Book beginning from

The date whenever company starts its business, it can be any date.

Tally vault

It is an special password in encrypted form known as Tally Vault, it is an enhanced security feature of Tally. This extra security is over and above than a normal user password. Data becomes irrecoverable in case user loses the password.

Security control

Tally has many security features, which has been explained in appropriate chapters.