d How to do Cheque Printing in Tally
  •  How to do Cheque Printing in Tally
  •  How to do Cheque Printing in Tally
  •  How to do Cheque Printing in Tally

Cheque printing in Tally ERP

Cheque printing facility is a very useful utility to print the blank cheques provided by banker to pay any sum stated. Cheque can be printed – with the help of printer with pre-defined size, different fields i.e. Date, Name, Figure, Amount, A/c Payee etc. can be printed on it. Different bankers have different cheque formats tally has the flexibility to print as per the user specific Cheque dimensions.

First activate the Cheque printing capability in F11: Company Features.

Company Name on cheque.

Enter the company name to be printed on cheque.

Cheque dimension setup.

After selecting the bank name we get the cheque printing configuration screen, where we enter various dimensions of cheque components.

Printing of Cheque

At payment voucher press alt + p, click yes to print a cheque.

Bank Reconciliation in Tally

Reconciling the bank account with the bank statement is an important job of accounting. This process is known as Bank Reconciliation. As we know there is always some difference between the balance reflected in the bank account maintained by an accountant and the bank statement provided by the banker. During the bank reconciliation, we try to find out those cheques that have not been cleared in the banker’s statement. In other words, if we are not able to locate the date of clearing of all the banking transactions in the banker’s statement then we need to prepare bank reconciliation statement. Tally provides a very useful tool for bank reconciliation, go to the bank account press alt + F5 and bring the reconciliation mode screen. Give necessary clearing dates with the help of banker’s statement and review the bank reconciliation statement.