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How to prepare for interview for freshers

  • If you are about to face any interview with a company try to follow the tips given below for a successful round of interview
  • Make research of the Company
  • Read about company, look at its website read vision mission statement, its strategy products, finances its competitors if company do’nt have any website find out information from places like ROC, Chamber of commerce.
  • Prepare your introduction and key points
  • Remember never discuss too much about your family and health issues, try to focus on your professional achievements of life, because employer is not interested to know your health and family problems.Make a list of your strengths and achievement that you have had
  • Make a list of your professional growth with examples
  • Be natural speak with confidence and you can practice the same before mirror
  • Identify and highlights achievement
  • Employers want to know how hiring will make their organisation better and contribute their overall growth and success, examples of innovations, process and improvement in revenue could be intersted.
  • Dress is an important aspect of interview, never wear casual dress with bright colour and heavy jewelry it is good idea to have neat and clean suit or formal clothes with shining shoes and tie
  • Focus on Time keeping It is important to focus on time and reach the venue well before 15 minutes after settling down learn more about company ambience, observe the company employee as you sit in the lobby are they smiling or frustrated or frazzled. Engage in Dialogue Given an opportunity always ask questions and get good understanding about company Be open and Honest
  • When responding to the employers question always be truth, if you have done mistake say it in positive manner, accept responsibility for it and explain you have benefited from experience, do not pretend to be something that you do not know
  • Do not ask about salary
  • The goal is to many options hence do not talk about salary or compensation, at this stage, as it could be a negative factor, first of all sell yourself to the employer, if they are interested they will make an offer at this stage you can negotiate further