Advanced Excel Course Benefits and Career Opportunities

Advanced Excel Course Benefits and Career Opportunities

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What is Advanced excel?

We are all aware of Microsoft excel and many of us know its basic working too. It is used almost everywhere. Schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, airlines, business etc. but only some can get good and skilled in advanced excel programs.

Ms excel is a Microsoft spread sheet tool used to handle abundant amount of data with the use of functions, pivot tables makes life easy.

Now a days proficiency in advance excel is a requirement for a better decision making in almost all the sectors.

Advanced excel training course makes a student efficient in working and utilizing the advanced excel features in an office environment.  It also gives you the comfort of using graphics, three-dimensional charts, tables that are utilize in reports presentations, sales and others.

Advanced excel in for every student or working professional who wants to gain and access these features mentioned below.

Features of basic and advanced Ms excel:

BASIC Microsoft Excel:

  • Spreadsheet basics
  • Creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets
  • Working with functions & formulae
  • Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs
  • Analysing data : Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data
  • Working with functions & formulae Formatting worksheets , Securing & Protecting spreadsheets

ADVANCED Excel Course Syllabus:

Formulas & Macros Formulas:

  • Use the Function Wizard, Common functions
  • Nested functions , Name cells /ranges /constants
  • Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references : >,<,= operators
  • Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • The LOOKUP function , Date and time functions , Annotating formulas

DATA Analysis:

  • Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
  • Password Protecting Worksheets
  • Linking Multiple Sheets
  • Sheet Referencing
  • Linking Between Word/Excel/Ppt


  • What-if-analysis
  • Reporting
  • Character Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Age Calculations
  • Consolidation of Data
  • Data Validation


  • Enter the Pivot Table Data
  • Create the Pivot Table
  • Adding Data to the Pivot Table
  • Filtering the Pivot Table Data
  • Change the Pivot Table Data
  • Analyse Data Columns in Pivot Tables
  • Adjust Data to Analyse


  • Macros
  • Definition and use, Record a macro
  • Assign a macro, Run a macro
  • Store a macro, Introduction to VBA Program

Develop the Worksheet:

  • Plan a worksheet , Row and Column labels
  • Split worksheet /box /bar, Copy data and formulas
  • Display /move toolbars , Enhance worksheet Appearance

Special Operations:

  • Use multiple windows : Copy/ paste between Worksheets
  • Link worksheets , Consolidate worksheets
  • Import and link from other Applications
  • Use AutoFormat : Create, use and modify styles and templates
  • Print features : Create /edit an outline
  • Graphic Operations
  • Create charts , Enhance charts, Drawing toolbar features

 Benefits of learning advanced excel course

Conditional formatting

After the completion of the training program you can easily format the spread sheets with the use of different tools. Conditional formatting depends on your aim of creating a spread sheet.

Usually it is used professionally, then the colour, font, shades, size are used accordingly. Using advanced excel tools are beneficial for maintaining different accounts.

Career advancement

Learning advanced excel enhances your career and your knowledge. It does makes your cv attractive and might be the reason for your selection in your dream job as we know big / high level companies look for people with advanced excel skills and proficiency. I.e. advanced excel will generate opportunities for you.

Create a Website

 Yes! Advance excel is a very helpful tool for a website developer. All the tools and techniques helps you with developing a website like you want.

Knowledge about graphs and charts

The skills acquired through the advanced excel training course makes a student efficient to prepare graphs and charts in a few minutes.

Three dimensional charts and graphs is an easy job for a student benefitted with the advanced excel training course.

Creating tables perfectly

It is sad to see so many professionals lacking behind with the basic skills of creating tables and are very poor in presenting the reports in Ms excel.

The training starts with explaining the basic knowledge of excel then gradually enhancing the presentation of data, managing both texts and images. Hence, creating perfect tables.


In the training program you also get to know about the term macros, information security and will be able to use it in your sheet.

Macro is useful as it helps in securing your data and speed up your task performing abilities. It protects against any kind of viruses, saves you time, guard your data and enhances overall efficiency.

Using VBA Macros will help them to automate the repeated task and get the task performed on a click of a button.

Excel is available in various forms like standalone software application as well as it is available as a cloud application, which can be access from anywhere anytime and can be share among multiple team members.

The skill you will have after the training program, not everyone has these skills. Big and small, both the companies do search for a professional skilled with all the features of excel and almost all the companies provide good salary package. You do not need to worry about the salary.

What are the job opportunities after this training program?

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are supposed to give results, conclusion and suggestions after going through the report. They should know the data thoroughly.

Their recommendations helps the companies in forming a proper decision. Demands of financial analysts are everywhere, in every company.

Retail Store Manager

Retail managers are in-charge of a retail store. They are responsible of leading the staff, creating and maintaining store policy, monetary work etc. they analyse the policies, trends, sales and demands of the consumer and are responsible for maximising profits.

Data Journalists

Data journalists are the one who takes care of huge amount of data, keeps a track of all of them, and then uses it when needed, to make the best shot. Ms excel helps in analysing all data and saves time.


Everybody knows about this job profile. Accountants are needed everywhere for running financial operations. Even the small companies hire them. They deal with special software for accounting and data handling but are also proficient with excel. The basic task of every accountant is to prepare and examine financial records. They takes care of maintaining accurate results.

Business Analysts

Business analysts are supposed to focus on the business, maintain spreadsheets and provide ways of increasing the profit, decreasing the loss occurred in the requires making a track on huge amount of data.

Project Manager

Project managers are needed to keep a track of everything .they ensures everything is working smoothly under them. They even manage relations with the third party, creates documents and navigate through all information.