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Advanced Excel MIS Course & Corporate Training

Advanced MS Excel Training - MIS Course - Corporate MS Excel Training in Delhi

IPA has developed advanced excel training module to help managers understand various complex issues related to advanced excel. MIS course designed by IPA guarantees the value addtions in terms of training and development of managers and other employees of the organisation. Hence MBA CA's CS and othe working people can come and solve their problem in few days learning, since Advanced Excel classes in delhi are conducted on weekends it become more and more convinient for working persons to join this course. Industry experienced corporate trainer takes up classes in small group to teach various advanced functions of advanced excel techniques, small size batch gives individual attention to each participant. during MS Excel Training

Significance of Advanced Excel Training

IPA MIS Training Instiute offers MIS Training Course for freshers as well as experience persons, MIS - Management Information System experts are required for every sector of the economy as well for every industry, there are various reports and informations that Management of an organisation looks for, managers are required to prepare those rpeports using various functions and formulas available in MS excel spreadsheets however many times managers do feel lack of knowledge and understanding how to use advanced excel commands.Most of the topics mentioned are covered under advanced excel course has however excel has huge potential and the learning process is limitless and it takes years of practice to have full fledge mastering on the subject. IPA advanced excel institute in delhi fulfill this gap by offering quality training

Corporate Training in Advanced Excel

IPA do conduct Corporate Training in Advanced Excel since Business managers often need to take decisions that can affect the business for example detail of sales with distributor network , while it is not possible to use complex formulas by hand and immediately generate report with accuracy and efficiency, hence routine task of feeding inputs and obtaining suggestion/ reports as output with the help of computer application like MS Excel spread sheet is very common these days. In any MIS environment standard reports are generated by advanced function of Ms Excel , for comparing actual performance with original budget, hence user can learn the MIS drafting and analyzing by joining MIS training which mainly deals with advanced Ms Excel and its applicability, during the MIS training our foucus remains on the following area:-


  • Various MIS technique in Advanced Excel VBA Programming
  • Get an overview of Analytical Process
  • Data handling in MIS Reports
  • Reporting and Formatting
  • Fundamentals of data handling, MIS, EXCEL

Important Features of Training at IPA Institue:-

IPA is best Excel classes Training Institute in Delhi with the following features:-

  • Lowest Fee
  • Full Course covering every advanced topics
  • Experienced Corporate Trainer
  • Fully Aircondition class rooms
  • Small batch size of 3 to 4 students
  • Individual attention
  • Standard study material
  • Free Excel Templates
  • Students after 12thGraudates
  • MBA (Finance, HR, Marketing)
  • Engineers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Managers (working with small and large companies)
  • Working professionals
  • MIS Executives
  • MIS Personals
  • Accounts Personal
  • Project Managers
  • Research Workers
  • Freelancers

Advanced Excel Training Module and Flow :

Day One

  • Introduction and Basic Overview
  • Working with Workbook and Worksheets
  • Formatting Cells
  • Customized formatting of Cells
  • Cell References (Absolute, Relative & Mixed)
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Other Features (Paste Special and finding and replacing data etc.)

Day Two

  • Inserting Comments
  • Use of Go to Feature
  • Use of “&” to Join data in different cells
  • Logical formula (IF function and its use)
  • Conditional Formatting and its Use in different scenarios

Day Three

  • Logical Complex Formulas (IF, OR, AND & IFERROR)
  • Use of Nested IF formula with examples
  • Defining Cell Range & Name Manager

Day Four

  • Applying Autofilter
  • Use of Advanced Filter
  • Displaying Unique Record by using Advanced Filter
  • Freezing and Unfreezing Panes
  • Linking of Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Open websites, existing files etc by Inserting Hyperlink
  • More useful formulas (RIGHT, LEFT, LEN, FIND, SUMIF & SUMPRODUCT)
  • Formatting Data as Table

Day Five

  • Financial Formulas (PMT, PV, DISC, DB, IRR, NPV etc.)
  • Text to Column to fetch data
  • Data Validation and its use in different scenarios

Day Six

  • Understanding the Page layout of the workbook (Orientation, Print preview, Page Break etc.)
  • Consolidate the data range from multiple sources.
  • What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Table)
  • Protecting worksheet and workbook
  • Customized Protection of worksheet
  • Sharing Workbook
  • Track and Highlight Changes
  • Encrypting Document

Day Seven

  • Understanding & Preparing Dashboards.
  • Group and Ungroup Data
  • Formula Auditing (Trace Precedents/Dependents, Error Checking, Show/Evaluate Formula, Watch Window)
  • Applying Subtotal to a Data Source
  • Export and Import Data from (Different Sources like Access, Web, Text, CSV etc.)

Day Eight

  • Understanding Macros
  • Recording new Macros
  • Understanding the use of Form Controls
  • Inserting User form / Module using VBA
  • Creating own formulas using VBA
  • Protecting and working on VBA projects

Course Duration: 16 Hrs (2 Months)

Batch Duration

  • Weekend (2 Hours)


  • 8:00 AM To 8:00 PM

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